One of KIAN’s strengths is our in-depth knowledge of the needs of the customers we serve. We understand that there are time and budget constraints to consider, and that any disruption to daily routines should be minimised. Our solution is to offer both flexibility and peace of mind. 



KIAN’s manufacturing competence is powered by multiple technologically advanced machines. Our automated processes and mass production capabilities can promptly complete orders of any size for on-time delivery. We even make some of our own moulds for resin injection machines. Using state-of-the-art machines, together with a workforce of over 400 furniture specialists, KIAN produces a wide range of products: metalwork, polypropylene furniture, rotary moulded furniture, synthetic wickerwork, woodwork and upholstery. Our manufacturing facilities conform to stringent worldwide standards (ISO9001:2008). 


Outfitting a space, particularly a large area or several areas at the same time, involves more than simply moving in furniture. We take the hassle out of furnishing places by expertly managing the project from start to finish. 


To ensure consistently high standards of quality, we are extremely particular about whom we choose to supply us with the raw materials for our products. KIAN has long-standing working relationships with several trusted suppliers from various countries. All materials are carefully examined at source for quality before being shipped to our factories. A dedicated team also continually sources for the best materials at the best prices so that we can reap economies of scale. The savings in cost are passed down to our customers to make our furniture highly affordable. 


KIAN's products are exported to over 100 countries around the world. Flying across the globe to meet our customers and conducting on-site research on what is relevant and valuable to them is an important part of our service culture. This practice allows us to work closely with our customers to truly understand their business and their requirements. 

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