We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to make life easier for our customers. KIAN’s intelligent solutions include utilising advanced technology, logistics, materials and processes to save on costs, maintenance, time and space. We think ahead for you.

Weather-resistant beech chairs by Paged

WRB Technology©, also known as Weather-Resistant Beech, ensures complete weather-resistance by isolating the inner structure of the wood from water, even if the external coating is wet or exposed to rain. This makes Paged bentwood chairs unique and unlike any other.  

Multi-functional table by Actiu

The multi-functional Talent by Actiu was created for spaces that aim to motivate critical thinking, innovation and the transfer of knowledge in an active and fun way. This high technical performance table is mobile, foldable and height-adjustable, and comes with the option for surfaces that can be written on. 

Smart iOT parasol by ShadeCraft Robotics

Sunflower is ShadeCraft Robotics’ signature parasol that is powered by solar energy and houses a variety of smart features for you to enjoy. It automatically follows the sun to capture optimum solar energy and is also able to detect high winds or inclement weather, closing according to the situation. 

Smart solar-powered parasol by ShadeCraft Robotics

Blossom by ShadeCraft Robotics is packed with smart features and collects renewable solar energy through its integrated solar panels. The Blossom comes with a unique choice of luxurious materials such as high-end wood and performance fabrics, giving Blossom an upmarket look and feel.   

Self-stabilising table base by Stabilla

Stabilla by KIAN introduces an affordable table base that eliminates wobbly tables with proven self-stabilising technology. The Sigma S10 emanates a sleek appeal with its satin black finish, making it perfect for various market segments. This trustworthy product has been tested to European Standards (EN 15372:2008) for safety, strength and durability and comes with 24 months warranty. 

Self-stabilising technology by FLAT 

FLAT® is a multi-award-winning technology that automatically ensures a level and stable top for tables. The worldwide patented technology delivers the unique ability to instantly and seamlessly align multiple tabletops together, simply by lifting the uneven areas of the tabletops. The feet of the table automatically lock until they are repositioned, and no matter how frequently the table is moved, it will remain stable.  

Self-operating smart hub by ShadeCraft Robotics

Bloom by ShadeCraft Robotics is a self-operating, weather-optimized device that turns any ordinary parasol into an autonomous smart hub. It comes with Bluetooth speakers, device charging and wind sensors that will automatically close the parasol in strong wind conditions.  

Parasol that withstands 121 km/h by Bambrella

The Bambrella hurricane range of parasols is our premium parasol made from aluminium. The registered design of interlocking profile system makes these parasols one of the strongest available, designed for commercial and high-end domestic markets.

Easy-clean fabric technology by Aquaclean

Aquaclean uses revolutionary fabric technology to form a flexible, invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the fabric. A completely smooth Safe Front Hygiene Protector layer protects against scratching as well as accidental snagging by sharp objects. It also combats mildew, bacteria and mites which can cause allergies. Aquaclean is PFC-free and 100% fire-retardant. 

Eco-friendly fabric treatment by Alta

Alta™ offers a solution that is bonded to the fibres of the fabric prior to upholstery, providing superior protection to liquid spills, stains and can assist with meeting relevant fire codes.  Environmental advocates would also be pleased to know that the treatment is fully eco-friendly and passes United States EPA and European REACH standards for safe chemistry.   

Intelligent Solutions


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