The Kanpai is a happy and cheerful collection that can liven up the mood in any space. Inspired by the motif of a wicker basket, the table houses a beverage cooler bucket in the middle which encourages people to gather around and engage in jovial conversation. When the cooler bucket is not needed, simply cover the hole with a small circular top. For a more decorative approach, the bucket can also be used to hold flowers or plants to brighten up the table.


• Inspired by the motif of a wicker basket
• Ideal for happy and cheerful spaces
• Option for beverage cooler bucket in the middle


Designed by Sakura Adachi

Kanpai large oval table

    Mild steel electrophoresis with powder coat finishing
    Phenolic top

    W2000 x D1000 x H730

    2 years

    Kanpai table base Patent : 007742853-0009


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