Talk about being luxuriously lazy in your back garden! Everything about The China Bed (TCB) recalls the indulgent ease of opium smokers on their beds in China's past. A sunshade keeps the sun from the eyes while one snoozes or reads or even getting up for a drink poses no problems. That's because TCB has a slightly sunken tray for holding a cup or glass. Corner units can be combined to form two-seater.

Designed by Enrique Marti

TCB sofa (right)

    Aluminium frame
    Nylon wicker
    Normal foam cushion with Sunproof fabric upholstered

    W1000 x D800 x H690 x SH400 mm

    2 years


120 chair

Adela arm chair

Astras arm lounge chair

Achilla arm chair

Adela barstool

Astras barstool

Achilla barstool

Adela chair

Astras chair

Achilla chair

Astras arm chair

Attitude 1-seater sofa

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